About Us

We are a lighting design studio fueled by limitless thinking, precision and exacting visual mastery. We explore the intersection of design, technology, and architecture to push boundaries and deliver the intended human experience.

Brand Story

Our studio was assembled through years of collaborative visual mastery across a variety of disciplines in art, theater, fashion, music and architecture.

Our team, composed of shared, but singly distinctive talent includes designers, renderers, draftsmen and production professionals brought together by a desire to push the limits of light.
Our collective experience and inspired arts training has informed a cross-pollinated team aesthetic, merging compelling and striking elements from every corner of the globe to shape both the visual and visceral human experience.

Founder Profile

Rob RossPrincipal

Founded out of an innate passion for light, technology, and design.

Founder Rob Ross conceptualized Studio RRD with a foundational focus on bringing all aspects of lighting design- from the initial brainstorming phase to the final production- under one roof. In one Studio, the design, the combined expertise, and the informed client experience come together in a creative yet professional and technical environment that allows the Studio team to execute each and every project to exacting perfection.

Studio RRD merges Ross’ expertise and proficiency in the industry, with a team of highly skilled designers, renderers, draftsmen, and producers who share the same passion in their respective fields. At the forefront of Studio RRD, Ross uses his skill set in design, theatrics, and technology to light some of the largest and most widely known experiential moments around the world.


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